Shipping and delivery

We have a standard 24-48 hour processing time PRIOR to the shipment of all orders( THE WEEKEND DOES NOT COUNT). This processing timeframe is subject to change due to sales or holidays. Please review our shipping methods to obtain an ESTIMATED timeframe to receive your package. Packages could take up to 9 - 28 business days to be processed 3 -5  days to ship and to have tracking numbers sent out. The only occasion it would take that long, is due to the nature of something that happens out of our control. If it is a wig order, it takes time to make, style, and process the hair. If you are in a rush, we do apologize but we are not the company for you. Due to the growing number in orders, it could take up to 9 - 28 business days to process and ship wig orders. We do apologize for the inconvenience and are thankful for you adjusting as we grow.


Once the packed is scanned in with the carrier of you choice we "Rasun Couture LLC" is no longer responsible for your package(s). For example, package(s) lost, stolen, or even damaged etc... Is cover by the automatic insurance & require signature meaning you have to contact that carrier and file the claim(s) with the tracking number you received in your email after the package has been scanned in & updated in the carrier's system. If something happens to your package, sadly we can not do it for you due to the policy. Once your package(s) leaves use we are no longer responsible for it they are (The Carrier Of Your Choice) so please follow up with them for further assistance.