Processing & Shipping

Payment Processing Time 1-3 business days

Order Processing Time 1-21 business days

Shipping Time 3-5 business days



Payment Processing Time

We have a standard 1-3 business days card processing time prior to processing & shipping of all orders ( THE WEEKEND DOES NOT COUNT). This processing timeframe is subject to change if there is additional information is needed. Please review our shipping methods to obtain an ESTIMATED timeframe to receive your package. 


Order Processing Time

Packages could take up to 1-21 business days to be processed. Processing orders occurs Monday thru Friday . For example, if you place your order Friday we will begin processing the next business day and that next business day would be Monday. If it is a wig order, it takes time to make, style, and process the hair. If you are in a rush, we do apologize but we do not offer rush orders at this time. Due to the nature of the order it is possible for it to take 3 - 21 business days to process and ship wig orders. We do apologize for the inconvenience and are thankful for you adjusting as we grow.


Shipping Time

Shipping can take anywhere from 3-5 business days. We us UPS for our shipping carrier due to the good reviews a feed back on carefully delivered packages. The only occasion it would take that longer , is due to the nature of something that happens out of our control. For example if a weather issue occurs we can not do anything from our in to push for faster delivery.



Once the packed is scanned in with the carrier of you choice we "Rasun Couture LLC" are no longer responsible for your package(s). For example, package(s) lost, stolen, or even damaged etc... Is cover by the route insurance offered with each order at the time of check out & require a signature meaning you have to contact that carrier or Route Insurance to file the claim(s) with the tracking number you received in your email after the package has been scanned in & updated in their  system. If something happens to your package, sadly we can not do any on our end once it leaves for the facility for shipping. That's why we insist on you buying insurance for your order due to our policy. Once your package(s) leaves use we are no longer responsible for your package . (The Carrier Of Your Choice or Route Insurance thru their app ) are responsible for any issues going forward so please follow up with them for further assistance. 

When you purchase that means you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. Also you read the product(s) description and understand the nature of the product(s) you have chose to purchase. That's mean you understood and agree to our return policy. Also that once your order is submitted no changes or cancellations can not be made. This includes mailing addresses unless we are asked by the system to do so.